Export MyFitnessPal data to CSV

Cals & Macros iPhone/Android appHave you checked out our free Cals & Macros app? It's a calorie and macronutrient calculator that lets you track what food you've eaten daily (with an emphasis on calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat), track your daily body weight changes and take progress pictures for each day, create custom foods, recipes and meals and share them on Facebook! Oh yeah, it also lets you export all of your data straight from the app and more!

To use our MyFitnessPal export to CSV tool, you must have a MyFitnessPal diary, and it must either be set to Public or Private.

If you'd like to make your diary public, go to your MyFitnessPal Diary Settings, select "Public" under "Diary Sharing", and then click "SAVE CHANGES".

If your diary is public...



Please provide the following information:

Start date:
End date:
Your MyFitnessPal user name:

If your diary is private...

To use the conversion tools below, please log in to your MyFitnessPal account and follow the steps listed for each one.



  1. Type your myfitnesspal user name in the box below and click "Go!":
  2. Select the dates you want to export data from.
  3. Make sure only the "Food Diary" checkbox is ticked.
  4. Click the "CHANGE REPORT" button.
  5. Select all data, starting from the beginning of the first date, ALL the way to the last gram of fiber.
  6. Copy and paste the data straight into the text box below.

Paste MyFitnessPal data below:



  1. Type the number of days in the box below and click "Go!":
  2. Select all the XML code, starting from <chart> all the way to </chart>.
  3. Copy and paste the data into the text box below.

Paste MyFitnessPal XML code below:




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